He’s our little hero. He loves animals, especially dogs. He actually has two dogs named Saba and Doris and a cat named after a famous ginger one – Garfield. Currently he’s taking care of a small hedgehog found in the garden. Mateusz uses a syringe to feed him milk. If you let him he would look after every dog or cat he finds. No surprise he wants to become a vet in the future.

Mateusz is a huge fan of book series called “The Magic Tree” by Andrzej Maleszka. He managed to meet the author at the International Book Fair in Kraków. Mateusz also likes to build with Lego bricks. His imagination is incredible and he likes to invent and draw comics with his dad. Mateusz is a great student. He enjoys learning, asks a lot of hard questions and expects answers! He takes part in math and orthographic competitions.

The Tatra Mountains (Kościelisko and Zakopane to be more specific) are best places for family outings if you ask Mateusz. He also loves museums, swimming pools and amusement parks.

The First Communion in 2015 was a tremendous experience for Mateusz. He prepared for this event with great pleasure and so did his parents (members of the Home Church Movement).

Like everyone Mateusz has his little dreams, two of which he managed to achieve. He visited Holy John Paul II’s Tomb in Rome and saw the sea.

In the summer he likes swimming and riding a bike. Besides all of that he watches every sports game in which Poland’s national team plays. Nevertheless it’s not his favourite thing to watch on TV. He just adores watching culinary programs, which resulted in his pickiness when it comes to food. Of course he likes talent shows, cartoons and playing computer games.

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